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Experience the Sound of Soul: To open yourself to understanding and a more loving attitude

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Experience the sound of soul.

The experience of the Divine comes with the sound of Soul. In Eckankar, singing HU, a love song to God can open you to more understanding and a development of a more loving attitude towards all life and situations. The HU is an ancient name for God; and in singing It or holding It in your mind during times of need, it becomes a prayer of the highest sort.

This prayer can recharge your spiritual bodies with love, energy, health and wisdom. It can also allow you to bless a situation and keep you in balance. So, fine tune your consciousness to a higher spiritual awareness by singing HU, a love song to God which can help you develop a more loving attitude by helping you become aware of the twin aspects of the Holy Spirit – the Light and Sound of God. Each time they come to you in contemplation or in your daily life, you are lifted in spiritual awareness. You are learning to go into the temple within. The HU is thus, the tuning fork that opens your awareness to new viewpoints and attitudes.

Want to learn more about how to experience the sound of Soul?

Then accept this invitation to attend this online Sound of Soul event, an ECK Soul Adventure Event sponsored by the Kansas Satsang Society, an affiliate of Eckankar, to experience the sound of soul. Besides using it to spiritualize yourself, learning about the HU and using it as a daily spiritual exercise can open you to greater gifts from God.

At this Sound of Soul Event, you can join others in chanting HU for ten to twenty minutes, followed by a short time in contemplation. Afterward, enjoy spiritual conversation centered around learning how to experience the sound of soul using this simple and effective spiritual exercise of singing the HU.

Prior to joining this event, you may contemplate on the following quote by Sri Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar:


Singing HU each day can lead to a deeper understanding of yourself and why things happen the way they do in your life. It opens your awareness to new viewpoints and attitudes.
Anyone can work with the HU regardless of age, background, or religion.

Harold Klemp. Sounf of Soul. p. 43


Use the following info to join this ECK Sound of Soul Event on Zoom:

Event URL: Join Experience the sound of soul event on Zoom.

On your smartphone, tap this phone link

To join by phone, dial (346) 248 7799. When prompted, enter the meeting ID: 831 4244 6609 and passcode: 395745

ECK Soul Adventure Event
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Date :
August 07, 2024
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1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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Kansas Satsang Society, Inc.
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