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Master the spiritual law of detachment: Embrace the attitude of total trust in life for your own spiritual benefit

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Detachment: A key spiritual benefit.

Detachment is the remedy for attachment. This is the release of undue attachments to worldly desires and possessions.

Soul lives forever by giving, not receiving. It simply means that you can have compassion, you can enjoy life, but if sorrow comes, it does not burden you until the end of your days. You are able to see the hand of God in it. You will pick yourself up and have gratitude for what blessings you can retain.

Detachment is thus the key to the spiritual worlds.

Sound interesting?

Then join us for a spiritual discussion that centers on detachment and how it is for our own benefit to understand how it aids in spiritual unfoldment. As with all ECK Soul Adventure events, you will be introduced to the HU song, a mantra of the highest order that represents the enormous love that the creator has for its creation.

Prior to joining the event, you may want to contemplate on the following quote by Sri Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar:


“Dethatched means seeing the play of life—crying when we must, laughing when we can—but at all times looking at life from the viewpoint of Soul, knowing that even this shall pass away.”

Harold Klemp, How to Find God, Mahanta Transcripts. Book 2, p. 280


Use the following info to join this Spiritual Discussion on Zoom:

Event URL: Join mastery of detachment on Zoom

On your smartphone, tap this phone link

To join by phone, dial (346) 248 7799. When prompted, enter the meeting ID: 833 5204 4014 and passcode: 123039

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Date :
July 14, 2024
Time :
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Kansas Satsang Society, Inc.
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