Kansas ECK Initiate Pages

Kansas ECK Initiate

These pages are for those who have enrolled in Eckankar’s Spiritual Living Courses.
All are welcome to explore the benefits of the ECK courses and initiation.

The RESA is my designee to bring the ECK message of Light and Sound to the seekers in your country, state or province. That, in a sentence, is the RESA’s mission. And it is your mission. It is your mission because that is my mission. 

Sri Harold Klemp, Handbook for ECK Leaders, p. 37

RESA for Kansas

Ken Windholz is the Regional ECK Spiritual Aide (RESA) for Kansas.


Satsang classes

Satsang classes and book discussion classes for chelas are still being held online only. Visit the Kansas ECK satsang page for a list of ongoing classes and how to enroll in one.

Chela HU chants

HU chants for ECK initiates are still being held online only. For the Chela HU chant schedule, visit the Kansas Chela HU chant section.

ECK clergy services

Certain spiritual services performed by ECK clergy are available to both ECK initiates and members of the public. Visit the Kansas ECK Clergy Services page to see a list of such services and how to request one.

Donate to Eckankar in Kansas

Your generous donations helps to sustain ECK Soul Adventure Events in Kansas. Visit the Eckankar in Kansas donation page to see available donation options.

Chela calendar, RESA & Clergy contacts

For the calendar of chela-only events, RESA organization and clergy contacts, visit the Kansas ECK chela calendar page.

High Initiate Events

High Initiate? Visit the Brothers of the Leaf page for info on High Initiate-only events.