The Path of Spiritual Freedom

Welcome to Eckankar in Kansas

Are you looking for a deeper, more personal connection with God and Divine Spirit? Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom, can help you fulfill that dream.

The ECK events described below can help you see beyond the surface of day-to-day life so you can experience the joy of Soul – your true self. Each awakens you to more of the love, wisdom, and creative powers already in your heart.

Discover your life as a spiritual adventure!

Spiritual Discussions

Eckankar spiritual discussions

Participating in a Spiritual Discussion gives you an opportunity to explore your deepest spiritual questions with other truth seekers in a friendly, relaxed setting.

Covering a wide range of topics, these in-depth discussions include tools and techniques from the ECK teachings to help you take the next step in fulfilling your spiritual dreams.

Whether you come and share your thoughts, or just listen in, these hour to an hour-and-a-half discussions always offer something new to explore.

You will find a list of upcoming Spiritual Discussion events in Kansas at our local ECK Soul Adventure events page.

Sound of Soul Events

Eckankar HU chant

An ECK Sound of Soul event is an opportunity to experience the transforming power of HU.

HU is a sacred mantra – the Sound behind all sounds. An ancient name for God, HU is a carrier of love between God and Soul.

Singing HU can bring healing for body, mind, and spirit, and align Soul with higher states of love, wisdom, and awareness.

At a Sound of Soul event, you can join others in chanting this ancient mantra for ten to twenty minutes, followed by a short time in contemplation. Afterward, enjoy spiritual conversation with others of like heart.

You will find a list of upcoming Sound of Soul events in Kansas at our local ECK Soul Adventure events page.

ECK Light And Sound Services

ECK Light and Sound Service

People of all faiths and beliefs are welcome to the ECK Light and Sound Service. You can expect, in some way, to have a new experience of God’s love!

Services last about one hour and may include features such as a speaker, light musical performances, panels, and group discussion. Services always include time to experience the Light and Sound of God with a HU song and brief contemplation time.

Participation is respectfully each person’s choice.

You will find a list of upcoming ECK Light and Sound services in Kansas at our local ECK Soul Adventure events page.

Easy Way

Eckankar Easy Way Discourses

The Easy Way is a spiritual self-discovery course offered to new students of Eckankar. Whatever your goals are in life, The Easy Way helps you see and pursue them from a higher spiritual perspective.

This home-study course contains twelve monthly lessons that include inspirational content, spiritual exercises, workbook activities, and a CD of excerpts from Sri Harold Klemp’s talks. It is also available online.

Topics include:

Join other adventurous souls for any of our Kansas local events – a Sound of Soul event, an ECK Light and Sound Service, or a Spiritual Discussion. Take part in the spiritual adventure of a lifetime.

2023 ECK Soul Adventure Seminar

An ECK Soul Adventure Seminar can help you explore all the spiritual skills and talents that lie within you to navigate life with greater ease. 

Experience inspiring talks and presentations, music performances, and more. You will also meet a community of like-hearted people who respect spiritual freedom and love truth. Attending an ECK Soul Adventure Seminar is an opportunity to (re)discover more about your own unique journey home to God!

The main ECK Soul Adventure Seminar takes place each October in Minneapolis, Minnesota. To learn more and register to attend this year’s event, visit the 2023 ECK Soul Adventure Seminar website.

ECK soul adventure seminar

Now streaming - Become a Light to the World

Looking for new ways to move forward spiritually and shine with the certainty of life?

You’re invited to the 2022 Online ECKANKAR Soul Adventure Seminar, exploring the theme Become a Light to the World.

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More ECK Soul Adventures

What inspires you? offers dynamic podcasts, compelling spiritual artwork, stories of encounters with the Divine, and so much more.

Explore all the lookout points on the Path of Spiritual Freedom.

ECK Soul Adventure

ECK Soul Adventure Guide

Sri Harold Klemp

Spiritual teachers from an ancient lineage walk among us today – Adepts who have mastered the spiritual laws of life, embodying them in thought, word, and deed. Teachers of the highest order.

These are the ECK Masters.

Chief among them is the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. As an inner and outer spiritual teacher, his role is to awaken the God-knowledge already within you.

Want to go deeper?

Advanced Spiritual Living Courses


This home-study program from Eckankar is a road map for your journey to Self-Discovery, God-Discovery, and beyond.

Understand the spiritual forces that shape the fabric of your everyday life. Find divine purpose in every moment.

As Soul, you have the God-knowledge within you!

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